Tips For Praying

With all the difficulties with life now-a-days more and more people that are Catholic have been turning to prayer to help them keep the faith and hope! One of the main things to remember is to pray often and be thankful for what you have. It does not have to be a long prayer that will take an hour or more.

For instance, a lot of folks will pray while driving to work. Another time to say a prayer is before the start of each and every meal. And a lot of people will take the time and spend more time praying before they go to bed at night.

Pray With A Rosary

There are many others whom will take the time to say a full rosary bead prayer however praying with a rosary will require more time as praying the complete rosary properly takes time.

The bottom line is that saying a prayer whether it be with a rosary or just prior to a meal or even while walking, does not need to always be a full on prayer with rosary beads. Just always remember to give thanks and to pray often to our Lord and Savior!

Commit To Pray More

Make a firm commitment to pray more and to pray often as doing so will bring you closer to our Lord and if you live be the commandments you will be a better person and a role model for all of those around you.

Rosary on Bible

Please do remember that you do not need to always pray with rosary beads saying allĀ  Five Decades in order to have your prayers heard. By simply finding a few moments each day to say a quite prayer to yourself will truly help you to grow closer to God and our savior Jesus Christ.

So please commit to trying to say prayers for your loved ones, family members that might be sick, folks that have already passed and for those that have suffered tragic events. For instance, the Philippine people that have recently had a huge portion of their country destroy be a very powerful typhoon.

In Conclusion

So start today saying more prayers whenever you find a spare moment! It does not take more than a minute to say a quick prayer to give thanks or more than a few minutes to recite the Lords Prayer to give thanks!

Another wonderful idea is to go and get yourself a nice set of Catholic silver or gold rosary beads that you can utilize whenever you have a half hour or so to pray.





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