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Catholicism 101


Many people have questions about the Catholic faith, especially those who wish to become Christians or join the Catholic Church. The following information can serve to enlighten anyone who wants to take this step himself.

For example, if you already don’t know, Jesus Christ is the founder of the Catholic Church. The Church’s authority then is from Christ, who also assigned Peter, his disciple, to be the head of the Church. The Holy Spirit guides the activities.

While following one’s conscience is important to leading a life that is moral. You need to become a part of the Church and follow its teachings in order to strengthen your belief and faith. You can obtain this direction from the Holy Bible, which features separate books in the Old Testament, all which were gradually written over a long period of time. The New Testament, by comparison, was written in a very short span of time. There are also some really informative content over at Saints and More – Your Catholic Store!

The Catholic Bible itself has featured the same words and teachings for almost 2,000 years. The Bible used by Catholics then presents the same books of the Old Testament that were used by Jesus and his Apostles. Because some Protestants rejected some of the material in the 16th century during the Reformation, the Protestant Bible was established somewhat differently.

The Catholic Bible features a list of accepted books, referred to as a canon. The books in this part of the Catholic Bible are historical. The two most accepted Old Testament collections during the time of Jesus were the Septuagint (a Greek translation containing 46 books, including the first book of Genesis) and an Old Testament collection containing 39 books. The books that Jesus and his disciples often referenced were part of the Septuagint.

Many Catholic followers often times have Catholic jewelry and other similar items to help them keep there faith and beliefs close to the heart. Some such items, in addition to the bible they on most occasions keep at home, might be as follows. The products mentioned might be a cross or crucifix, a Catholic medal, Patron Saint Medal or perhaps rosary beads to pray when ever the person feels the need for prayer.

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